Thursday, 29 March 2007

Carly and Gill get a Second Life

Carly and Gill went to Cambridge
And had a honeycomb hot dog
Tummies full they found Annette
And created their very first blog

Down down down in the basement
Surrounded by computer geeks
They found swivel chairs to amuse them
And went round and round on their seats

Carly finally realised for sure
That Gill had lost the plot
When she wrote this poem, seriously
And went off with a student. NOT

Enter_ event tonight

The ENTER_ team is hosting an event at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge tonight, March 29th. Get a (Second) Life is a hands-on introduction to blogging, photosharing, social networks and virtual worlds, run by ENTER_ with help from Bedford Creative Arts, Long Road Sixth Form College and Anglia Ruskin University.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Let's Eat...

One of the highlights of the ENTER_ festival will be the Local Food picnic/performance, taking place on Parkers' Piece, Cambridge on the afternoon of April 29th. Echoing the Coronation Feast of 1838 this will be a live cooking performance with food and recipes contributed by those attending, an electronic potluck. More details on the Local/Food website, where the call for recipes is now open.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Conference Venue

Enter_Unknown Territories - The Conference will start on Wed 25 April in the evening at The Junction in Cambridge and take place at Downing College on Thu 26 and Fri 27 April. The central hub of the festival, the domesite on Parkers Piece is just across the road.


The ENTER_ conference will take place in Cambridge, beginning with Keynote talks from Anne Galloway (Canada), Stephen Heppell (UK) and Bob Stein (US).

Panel sessions include:

Uncommon Ground - Creative Encounters Across Disciplines and Sectors
(chair: David Garcia, Amsterdam)

Adventuring Out the Challenges of Knowledge Exchange (chair: Bronac
Ferran, London)

Future Space (chair: John Naughton, Cambridge)

Toolshift/Mindshift (chair: Rob van Kranenburg, Ghent)

Open Technology (chair: Sally Jane Norman, Newcastle on Tyne)

Control Technology (chair: Bill Thompson, Cambridge)

There will also be the launch of Uncommon Ground co-commissioned by Virtueel Platform & Utrecht School of Arts with support of Arts Council England's Artists' Insights strand, as well as the Proboscis public authoring zone, Crumb's bliss-out centre, workshops, presentations and public art events.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

sidings, cambridge, morning

sidings, cambridge, morning
Originally uploaded by BillT.
We will all be gathering in Cambridge at the end of April. If you happen to be walking over the pedestrian bridge over the railway, look out for this great perspective view.

What are we doing on Blogspot?

This is the blog for the ENTER_UNKNOWN TERRITORIES conference and festival, taking place in Cambridge, England from April 25-29 2007. It's will provide an opportunity to meet, share and discuss how we build and sustain collaborative creative practices in new technology, arts, education and commerce. So what are we doing on a free blog service instead of running our own state of the art server?

We're here because we can be. Because Blogger, like Typepad and Wordpress and other blogging tools, are free, easy, available and powerful. Because you no longer need to spend large amounts of money and lots of technical effort making an online presence - the net today allows anyone with access (and we recognise that this is a small proportion of the world's population) a simple way to speak and reach others.

So we'll be leveraging Blogger and Flickr and YouTube and Jumpcut. We'll be on MySpace and Facebook and bebo and Orkut. ENTER_ will be everywhere - and it will cost very little. The cost, of course, is in time and imagination. Being here is cheap. Being effective here is hard work.