Wednesday, 21 March 2007

What are we doing on Blogspot?

This is the blog for the ENTER_UNKNOWN TERRITORIES conference and festival, taking place in Cambridge, England from April 25-29 2007. It's will provide an opportunity to meet, share and discuss how we build and sustain collaborative creative practices in new technology, arts, education and commerce. So what are we doing on a free blog service instead of running our own state of the art server?

We're here because we can be. Because Blogger, like Typepad and Wordpress and other blogging tools, are free, easy, available and powerful. Because you no longer need to spend large amounts of money and lots of technical effort making an online presence - the net today allows anyone with access (and we recognise that this is a small proportion of the world's population) a simple way to speak and reach others.

So we'll be leveraging Blogger and Flickr and YouTube and Jumpcut. We'll be on MySpace and Facebook and bebo and Orkut. ENTER_ will be everywhere - and it will cost very little. The cost, of course, is in time and imagination. Being here is cheap. Being effective here is hard work.

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